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These flywheel weights will fit GASGAS TXT 250/280/300cc model with the HIDRIA ignition.
They change the power delivery making the bike smoother and more controllable ‘off the bottom’. They will help the bike grip better and help stalling. They come with an ignition cover spacer, gasket and longer ignition cover bolts.


  • Be careful when fitting if you use a tool to hold the flywheel. Make sure the tool does not go inside the two flywheel holes too far and damage stator windings!
  • Better to use an airgun then there’s no need for a holding tool. Flywheel centre bolt needs to be torque setting 50 n/m

Flywheel weight for Gas Gas (Hidria 2013) >

Quick installation. Don’t need to remove the flywheel

S3 Flywheel weight kit for GASGAS TXT RACING/GP 250/280/300 with HIDRIA 2013->

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