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Gaerne Balance Oiled Brown Trials Boots- this trials boot is made with natural oiled top grain leather giving the ultimate in comfort. The natural oiled boots require no bedding in due to the fact they have not been heat treated for a colour to be added like so many out there. This keeps the leather in its most natural form making it very supple and easy to maintain. All these boots requires is clear leather cream which Gaerne can supply if needed. It is also waterproof thanks to the Gaerne Drytech membrane. The boots are fitted with three aluminium buckles and a fastening strap which works on a ratchet system, the aluminium buckles are removable as are the 'G' shin plates and the boots fasten with Velcro around the top, the boots are finished off with a gum rubber sole for a great feel and control of the bike. All Gaerne boots have replaceable soles, straps, buckles and G plates meaning your boots should last for years.

Gaerne Balance Oiled Brown Trials Boots

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