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S3 Stars Cylinder Head, Outer part only. 2014 to 2022

This Outer is the latest S3 Head for GAS GAS TXT 250/280/300 with the horizontal water hose outlet part number ST-1060

If you need an insert make sure you ask for the very latest design ‘horizontal new type’.

The various inserts are available separately on this website.
If you want fairly flat power for beginners or for really slippery conditions then you would set the bike up with a “low” compression insert. If you want to keep the bike standard, order the “standard” insert. If you wanted a more aggressive power setup, or you are going high in altitude then you could experiment with a “high” or “very high” compression insert.

S3 Stars Cylinder Head GAS GAS 2014 to 2022 TXT250/280/300cc ‘Cover only

SKU: ST-1060-R
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